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The Band

The Elim Project is the worship band of Elim Church in NE Minneapolis (www.elimchurch.com). Many of us have been in the band for more than a decade and have experienced together the mystery of God's direction. We have lived as part of our congregation through many joyful times and through some difficult circumstances as well. Several years ago we felt called to develop our own music within the context of our church and its experiences. This album grew out of that calling. Some lyrics are original to us while other lyrics are rarely heard or long-forgotten hymn texts. We wish to thank our congregation and families and the leadership of Elim Church for their support.

Kristin Wilson    lead vocals, piano, Wurlitzer, Kurzweil string pad
Roger Dahl    lead vocals tracks 5 & 8
Beth Dischinger    lead vocal track 10, backup vocals
Melanie Eslinger    piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond
Jon Mortenson    drums
Myron Poley    bass
Brian Turnquist    guitar
Al Mason    harmonica
Don Heide    backup vocals
Carleen Howell    backup vocals
Anissa Lubbers    backup vocals
Jeff Wilson    backup vocals